DIPOLOG CITY, March 18, 2024 – The Curriculum Implementation Division (CID), in collaboration of the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent (OSDS), organized the pilot implementation of the Preparation Exam Suite: National Achievement Test (PES-NAT) Practice for Grades 6, 10, and 12 learners. One objective of this initiative is to provide learners with essential skills for effectively navigating and utilizing computer systems, preparing them for the forthcoming National Achievement Test.

The predominant use of computers in conducting the NAT prompted Dr. Amelinda D. Montero, Chief Education Supervisor of CID, to introduce PES-NAT to address the need for learners to acquire at least average, if not mastery, of computer skills. This initiative aims to highlight the importance of familiarizing learners with technology-enhanced examination environments and to mitigate the risk from failing the test due to inadequate computer proficiency.

This project also aims to assist the OSDS in addressing the National Achievement results of the division office. It entails the development and implementation of mock tests, carefully crafted by supervisors, targeting students in grades 6, 10, and 12 across various subjects.

The project is scheduled to continue until the conclusion of the 2024-2025 school year. This time-sensitive initiative is geared toward improving learners’ academic performance through the provision of regular assessments. Mock tests, each lasting 45 minutes with one minute allotted per item, will be administered to all learners every Friday, commencing in March of this year.

(via Amelinda D. Montero, Chief Education Supervisor of Curriculum Implementation Division – SDO Dipolog)