DIPOLOG CITY, March 5, 2024 – The Cayasan community recently achieved a significant milestone as Cayasan Integrated School (Cayasan IS) successfully underwent regional validation for the conversion of Cayasan Elementary School to an integrated institution. This development marks a pivotal moment for the community, addressing long-standing challenges faced by high school students due to geographic constraints.

The initiative to convert the sole elementary school into an integrated institution, offering both primary and secondary education, was driven by the persistent efforts of the Barangay LGU. Recognizing the need to provide accessible and comprehensive education for students in the area, the community rallied behind the proposal for conversion.

In late 2023, the DepEd Zamboanga Peninsula approved the conversion, with the implementation set to commence in School Year 2023-2024. This decision was met with overwhelming excitement and gratitude from the Cayasan community, reflecting the collective desire for improved educational opportunities.

The regional validation process, a crucial step towards formalizing the conversion, saw the participation of key stakeholders.

EPS Edwin I. Dela Luna assessed the curriculum aspect, ensuring alignment with educational standards.

EPS Winston Clapano evaluated the level of support from stakeholders such as the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and the LGU, highlighting the importance of community involvement.

Engr. Rolando Jarales Jr. conducted a thorough assessment of the physical properties and facilities, essential for creating conducive learning environments.

Under the leadership of Dr. Ricardo A. Dagpin, Cayasan IS emerged successfully from the validation process, receiving government authorization for its conversion. The official document, signed by RD Ruth L. Fuentes, representing the Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines and Department of Education Secretary Sara Z. Duterte, solidifies the commitment to advancing educational opportunities in Cayasan.

This milestone represents a significant stride towards enhancing educational access and quality, empowering students in Cayasan to pursue their academic aspirations.

(via Luisiano S. Murro Jr. and Nonato F. Sebastian, School Monitoring Management and Evaluation – SDO Dipolog)