DIPOLOG CITY, May 20, 2019 – In an educational convergence geared towards academic preparation, Regional Director Isabelita M. Borres, through an exclusive interview with the Special Program in Journalism TV Broadcasting team of Zamboanga del Norte National High School during the 5th Regional Management Committee (REMANCOM) meeting in Baybay Resort in Barangay Sicayab, emphasized the need for the institutionalization of ‘No Disturbance of Classes’ for Principals and teachers.

Borres cited Regional Memorandum 139 that seeks to institutionalize diligent monitoring and evaluation, where the region will closely monitor each division, whether the division is keeping track with the academic performances of the schools.

‘Challenging, not discouraging’ NAT results

RD Borres explained that the memorandum was pushed because of the results of the National Achievement Test (NAT) for School Year 2017-2018 that showed Region IX having just passed a little from the fourth quadrant in terms of hierarchy from quadrant one to four.

“Getting an average of 40.36 for Grade 10 and 33.80 for Grade 6 is not discouraging but somehow very challenging. And so we have proposed now that activities should be synchronized in terms of co-curricular, so that we will have fewer activities but focused on the academic performance,” Borres pointed out.

As per records, Region IX incurred a 1.5% decline in its NAT scores for Grade 6 after obtaining 33.80% in 2017-2018 compared to 35.30% in 2016-2017; and 0.29% slip from 40.65% in 2016-2017 to 40.36% in 2017-2018 in the NAT for Grade 10.

No disturbance of Classes

To improve its performance in the NAT, RD Borres recounted RM No. 139 that leads to the implementation of “No Disturbance for Principals and Teachers” during classes and the disturbance is only during Fridays of the second and the third week of the month.

“Hopefully, all academic discussions will be given value so that principals will be given time to assess whether all lessons that are supposed to be taught by the teachers are really complied. Because when we looked on the competency level, it seems as if there were topics that were not thoroughly discussed when asked during the NAT last July,” the regional director said.

She quipped that there is a forthcoming test again this August, and the regional office worries whether its learners are ready for the test.

“So close monitoring in July will be conducted. We are saying no activities prior to the exam except for one which emanates from the DepEd Central Office in order to prepare students and buoyantly improve NAT result scores,” Borres added.

She stressed that the region will initiate for No Co-Curricular activities prior to the exam and principals will be delegated to give 80% of their time for academic and instructional supervision using the quality assurance monitoring tool.

Inspiration and challenge

The top three performing divisions in the NAT were also given recognition during the 5th REMANCOM where certificates were conferred to the division superintendents.

“The distribution of certificates is our little way to inspire the top three performing divisions to do better and for others who did not make it to the top three will strive even more in the National Achievement Test,” RD Borres explicated.

She concluded that it takes collaborative efforts from the region, divisions and the schools, in order to make a significant difference in the academic performance which she sanguinely hopes to achieve as DepEd Region IX key officials, together with all superintendents, laid all their cards for support services through the 5th REMANCOM.

By: Priscilla T. Anotado

Teacher III of Zamboanga del Norte National High School